With Great and Powerful Change Comes Great Ability

My own time in service
Listen to the story yourself
  1. Your past mistakes may affect you but they don’t have to define you. Every day, you can make a fresh start.
  2. The right environment is a huge factor in bettering yourself. Surround yourself with people of high quality.
  3. Great change requires great sacrifice
  4. Be committed to your path.
  5. Be your own person.
  6. Be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  7. Don’t fight yourself, modify yourself. Fares channeled his love of action into a position where it’s appropriate.
  8. Nature therapy is a great path to healing.
  9. Walking in the easy path is not always the best one.
  10. Find your passion and pursue it.



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Raz Chen

Raz Chen

Raz Chen is a Expert Krav Maga and Self Defense Instructor based in New York City.